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    Do I need my own Electrician to assist shielding work?

    No, we are electricians ourselves, we will make sure the work is done in accordance with the latest BS7671 regulations, saying that shielding requires very basic earthing which doesn’t need a notification of work or certificate, never the less it has to be done by a professional with the know-how. Shielding without proper earthing/ground can be dangerous.

    Are you regulated to carry this work?

    So far there is no legal regulation for EMF shielding in the practical way we are offering, however being a competent and qualified electrician is the best qualification that fits the EMF work, we are qualified electricians and telecom engineers, and our business is gaining more specific qualifications related to EMF, yet we are currently waiting for the government to regulate the industry.

    Is your product proven to be effectively blocking EMF radiation?

    Yes, we only supply professional EMF blocking materials.

    Is the shielding material toxic?

    No, the protection is not toxic. The important component is graphite in solution, and the other materials are metal made, such as mesh, earth straps, screws, etc.

    Is EMF shielding dangerous in any way to the occupants of a dwelling or office?

    No, EMF shielding is a protection shield that is installed in specific areas with the idea to reduce existing EMF. The protection is achieved by non-toxic and non-electrical materials, however conductive to some extent.

    Shielding works by creating a diversion to the radiation energy, by leading it to the earthing/grounding network of the building. The important thing to know is that, shielding needs to be earthed/grounded.

    Do you have a contact phone number?

    At the moment, we do not have infrastructure to receive customers phone calls, however we do call you back if you like, just request a call back in the call back form located in the footer of our website.

    Can I contact you on social media?

    Yes, look for our social media links.


    When I order a service online, how do I book it?

    Booking is combined with the service order, there will be a calendar where you will be asked to book a day and time convenient to you using the available time table.

    Can I reschedule my booking?

    Yes, you can reschedule your booking up to 2h before the appointment.

    Do I need to call or wait a call confirmation for a booking?

    No, it is all automated, your booking will be fulfilled, and except if there is an unexpected change, in which case a new appointment date will be offered, you don’t need to do anything we will contact you.

    Can I call to book an appointment?

    No, all bookings are done online during the ordering process.

    How far in advance can I make a booking?

    You can book as far as 1 month ahead.

    Can I cancel my booking?

    Yes you can cancel your booking up to 2h before the appointment.

    Do you work at weekends?

    No, unfortunately not yet.

    Do you ship products outside of the covered area or abroad?

    Yes, we ship products Worldwide.

    Do you provide services outside of the UK?

    No, at the moment our company is providing services only in specific areas of the UK where we have infrastructure, please check our ‘About us’ page with the current locations we are covering.

    Do you offer guidance how to install a purchased product?

    Yes, we explain the best way we can, however we are not responsible for misuse or installation issues. It is your responsibility to make the best use of a purchased product.

    Do you charge extra fees for shipping?

    Yes there are extra fees for shipping, our shipping partner company calculates it and it is aggregated automatically into your order in the checkout process.


    Can I pay during or after the service?

    No, all our services are pre-paid.

    Do you refund services?

    No, services including inspections are non-refundable.

    Do you refund products?

    Yes, provided it hasn’t been used, the product needs to be sent back to us.

    Can I pay by PayPal or crypto currencies?

    Yes, we accept PayPal and Bitcoin.

    How long does it take to be refunded in case of a cancellation?

    It depends on the method of the payment and the EMFE payment merchant partner.

    Do you accept Bitcoin?

    Yes, we do.