Mobile technology and EMF, an intertwined history.




No man made EMF existent in the environment.

Scottish-born Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, makes the first phone call in a line wired device.


No man made EMF existent in the environment.

Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi transmits signals over the distance of 2 kms.



No Man made EMF existent in the environment.

Canadian-born inventor Reginald Fessenden manages to broadcast music through radio.



No Man made EMF existent in the environment.

Offered to first class passengers on the Deutsche Reichsbahn on the route between Berlin and Hamburg.



No Man made EMF existent in the environment.

Attempts are made Worldwide to develop a working wireless mobile.



EMF from radio waves are slowly being spread across the planet, but with no health impact known.

Communication by mobile radios becomes more common. Most government agencies, as well as the rich people, own mobile radios. AT&T and Bell Labs introduce cellular technology. However, mobile phones would not develop widespread use at the time. US Signal Corps communicate via radio in field during World War 2.

The first calls were made on a car radiotelephone in Chicago. Due to the small number of radio frequencies available, the service quickly reached capacity.



Most EMF at the time was from radio waves, with very low health risks.

The first automated mobile phone system for private vehicles launched in Sweden. The device to install in the car used vacuum tube technology with rotary dial and weighed 40Kg.

It had a total of 125 subscribers between Stockholm and Gothenburg.



Still the existent man made EMF was mainly from radio waves, with very low health risks.

Researchers develop the technology systems (like frequency reuse and handoff) that would lead to modern cellular networks. In the United States, Bell Labs prepares a detailed plan for implementing the cellular system. Soviet engineer Leonid Kupriyanovich develops very small mobile phones.


The EMF footprint and intensity is small and mainly from radio waves, with very low health risks.

The Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) Group was established. It included engineers representing Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Its purpose was to develop a mobile phone system that, unlike the systems being introduced in the US, focused on accessibility.



EMF then was mainly from radio waves, with very low health risks.

1G is developed by AT&T and Bell Labs early in the decade. Nippon Telephone and Telegraph (NTT) in Japan and Ericsson in Sweden begin testing cellular technology and start designing equipment that would facilitate commercial service provision in their respective home markets. The first mobile call is made.


EMF mainly from radio waves, with very low health risks.

Dr Martin Cooper general manager at Motorola communications system division made the first public mobile phone call on a device that weighed 1.1Kg.



EMF is starting to take off, with the introduction of the 1G and other wireless technologies.

1G is deployed. Mobile phone technology starts to be released commercially. Adding text messaging functionality to mobile devices begins.


EMF is slowly populating urban areas, with the introduction of the 1G and other wireless technologies, but thousands of times below the current levels!

Engineers and administrators from eleven European countries gathered in Stockholm to consider whether a Europe wide digital cellular phone system was technically and politically possible. The group adopted the nordic model of cooperation and laid the foundation of an international standard.


EMF is slowly populating urban areas, with the introduction of the 1G and other wireless technologies, but thousands of times below the current levels!

Comedian Ernie Wise made the first “public” mobile phone call in the UK from outside the Dicken’s Pub in St Catherine’s dock to Vodafone’s HQ. He made the call in full Dickensian coachman’s garb.


EMF radiation still thousands of times below the current levels.

The Technical specifications for the GSM standard are approved. Based on digital technology, it focused on interoperability across national boundaries and consequent different frequency bands, call quality and low costs.



EMF radiation is starting to crank up. EMF emitting 2G infrastructure is introduced adding to the existing 1G infrastructure.

Mobile telephony revolutionizes telecommunications during the decade. 2G Second–generation wireless telephone technology becomes available, bringing the first digital systems to be deployed. Mobile phone operators start offering prepay mobile phones. European and American networks start to split apart and compete against one another.


EMF radiation in the environment starts its exponential growth, considerable levels of EMF are now being found in pockets of major cities of the developed World. Rural areas and underdeveloped countries still have very low levels of EMF.

The world’s first ever SMS message was sent in the UK. Neil Papworth, aged 22 at the time was a developer for a telecom contractor tasked with developing a messaging service for Vodafone. The text message read “Merry Christmas” and was sent to Richard Jarvis, a director at Vodafone, who was enjoying his office Christmas party.


EMF explosion in progress! EMF is increasing exponentially, and will have a dramatic increase, with thousands of times over in less than a decade from this point!

UK phone ownership stood at 16% of households. A decade later the figure was 80%. The explosion in growth was in part driven by the launch of the first pay as you go, non-contract phone service, Vodafone Prepaid, in 1996.


EMF levels are thousands of times from 10 years before, many more wireless technologies and gadgets are being implemented mostly in Urban areas across all major cities in the World.

Emojis were invented by Shigetaka Kurita in Japan. Unlike their all-text predecessors emoticons, emojis are pictures. The same year in the UK sees the first shots fired in a supermarket price war, with Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda selling Pay and Go phones at discounted prices. For the first time, you could pick up a mobile phone for just under £40.

The first BlackBerry phone was also unveiled in 1999. Famous for its super-easy email service, BlackBerry handsets were seen as the ultimate business tool, allowing users to read and respond to emails from anywhere. This led to 83% of users reading and responding to work emails while on holiday, and over half admitted to sending emails on the toilet, winning the manufacturer the nickname CrackBerry.



EMF emitting infrastructure is growing exponentially, EMF radiation is now becoming a plague in urban areas in all major cities in the World. No concerns were given to EMF health effects, it is all wonders and hype.

The all-conquering Nokia 3310 crash landed on shop shelves. Naturally it was unscathed and went on to sell 126 million units. Over in Japan, the first commercially available camera phone The Sharp J-SH04, launched in November 2000 in Japan. The only snag? you could only use it in Japan. Europe wouldn’t get its first camera phone until the arrival of the Nokia 6750 in 2002.


EMF radiation levels are higher than ever before in human history, and are disseminated Worldwide everywhere. Humans were never exposed to this amount of EMF radiation. Many undesired effects are starting to have an impact on mobile users and the public alike that will develop several issues a decade later, however no correlation is given to the wireless technology, mostly due to ignorance, lack of government support and disregard to the negative finds in thousands of studies. What you can’t see surely can’t harm you right?!

3G becomes a World standard and is being broadcast even over the Everest!

The 3G standard started to be adopted worldwide, kicking off the age of mobile internet and paving the way for the rise of smartphones. Honk Kong-based Hutchinson Wampoa owned Three brand offered the first 3G network connection in the UK among other countries. Staying very much on-brand, Three ranged a trio of 3G handsets, namely: the Motorola A830, the NEC e606 and NEC e808.

Nepal was one of the first countries in southern Asia to launch 3G services. One of Nepal’s first companies to offer the service, Ncell, also covered Mount Everest with 3G.


EMF radiation is very high and expanding exponentially, many problems related to wireless technology are starting to appear, but now the technology is widely used and seen as safe. Many health issues will become major problems in less than a decade, scientists start having more concerns regarding the safety, however the telecommunications industry brush all the concerns away from the public eyes, governments are weak to ensure regulations to cap wireless technology and its signal intensity. Governments are complete captive to the technological benefits and the mobile industry power and money.

The first iPhone is debuted.

The iPhone debuted. Solely available on O2 at launch in the UK and priced at a then eye-watering $499, Nokia CEO confidently dismissed it as little more than a ‘cool phone’ that wouldn’t translate column inches into market share.


EMF radiation keeps going higher by the day, no serious limits are being implemented to cap wireless technology or EMF emitters. High levels of EMF radiation is expanding nonstop everywhere.

The Android phone is launched.

The first Android phone turned up, in the form of the T-Mobile G1. Now dubbed the O.G of Android phones, it was a long way from the high-end Android smartphones we use today. Not least because it retained a physical keyboard and a BlackBerry-style trackball for navigation. This year also saw the advent of both Apple’s App Store and Android Market, later renamed Google Play Store, paving the way for our modern-day app culture and creating a $77 billion industry.


EMF radiation levels are becoming extremely high in many pockets of urban areas, 4G infrastructure is adding more EMFs to the existing 3G, 2G and 1G. Many more other EMF emitting technologies are developed. EMF is completely out of control and nothing appears to be able to stop it. All sorts of illnesses are exploding, not directly related to EMFs but that can be correlated. EMF studies are being publish everywhere, but there is a lot of misinformation. EMFs keep marching on.

4G is here!

O2 publicly announced that it had successfully demonstrated a 4G connection using six LTE masts in Slough, UK. The technology, which was supplied by Huawei, achieved a peak downlink rate of 150Mbps.

WhatsApp also launched that year, letting customers send and receive calls and messages via the internet. The messaging system now has 1.2 billion users sending more than 10 billion messages a day. Which makes it 50% more popular than traditional texting.



EMF radiation levels are increasing nonstop, and spread widely over all corners of the planet. Many mental illnesses and neurobehavioral abnormalities are exploding Worldwide, but not correlation is given to the high levels of EMF the population is being exposed to. EMF radiation seems to be a magical technology without any health impacts or negative effects.

Samsung launches the Galaxy series phones.

Samsung launched its first Galaxy S smartphone. Usurping former Android giants, HTC, the Samsung Galaxy S range is still the most popular Android brand.


EMF radiation levels is urban areas are staggering, no concern to the population health is taken into consideration. Phone towers are being erected everywhere, in schools and hospitals and neighbourhoods. Governments are completely bought up and captive to the telecommunications industry. National health systems across the World have taken the EMF burden, trillions will be spent to treat the population for all kinds of health issues, that never existed in such high levels in human history.

Use of text messages explodes.

When text messages first arrived, most people didn’t think they’d catch on. Ten years later, Britons were sending a billion messages per month. In 2012, British text volume reached its highest point, with 151 billion sent in the UK alone.


EMF radiation is stating to be recognized as a problem to the public, however the safe levels used by the Governments are nowhere near the real safe levels published by the scientists. The public is still in the dark regarding the possible negative impact of EMF radiation. EMF shielding is becoming more popular, but only around wealthier and informed individuals. EMF levels keeps going up to astronomic levels!

5G trials begin!

Telecom Italia Mobile signs a memorandum of understanding with the government of San Marino to upgrade its 4G network to 5G. It would be the first nationwide 5G network in the world

Apple marked ten years in the smartphone game with the all-screen iPhone X and ditched a physical home button for the first time.


EMF radiation is higher than ever before! The human body and brain never coexisted with the enormous amount of EMF everywhere. There are no safe places in urban areas, WiFi hubs emitting huge amounts of EMFs are everywhere. 5G infrastructure is being erected, 5G is potentially the biggest EMF threat we have ever experienced! Trials on 5G are being blamed to kill birds on flight and annihilate insects. 5G frequencies and energy is thousands of times higher than its predecessor systems, 4G frequency band is being delivered between 800MHz and 2.6GHz high, 5G will go much higher, starting from 6GHz up to 100GHz! 5G is potentially a massive health hazard, yet no regulation is preventing its implementation, the public is still in the dark and mostly unaware of the possible negative implications of it.
5G frequencies will carry a lot more energy, and new infrastructure will be needed with more towers to create and manage smaller cell areas, it is estimated that for every 4G tower, 5G will need 100 more to cover the same area! 5G towers are likely to be install in every other block in our neighbourhoods.

5G infrastructure is being erected around the World. 5G the internet of things is due to become the new standard.

5G infrastructure is being erected all around the World, a 5G market leader is being fought between the US and China. Huawei loses major 5G contract in the UK. 5G is being advertised by mobile companies to be the new standard by 2020. Some cities in Europe refuse 5G implementation.

The public is exited about the 5G speed and its technological advances. 5G promises to connect all gadgets and basically anything to the internet in real time. The technology when implemented will provide means to security and surveillance systems never before imagined.

Q2 2019

EMF radiation is exponentially increasing everywhere, the field measurements are astronomic, the public is completely unaware of the dangers. 5G is almost certain to be up and running in less than 12 months.

EMF Expert is launched in the UK by Gladius Electrical Ltd with the intent to popularize EMF shielding for those who need it most.

EMF Expert was created to bring shielding solutions as an option to those that are concerned about the sky rocketing EMF radiation.

EMFE team is made of qualified professionals led by Emmanuel Alen with the main goal to inform and help its customers how EMF can affect them and how to defend from invasive and harmful EMFs.

Q1 2020

A Worldwide pandemic has settled in and disrupting businesses Worldwide.

5G gear continues to be erected across the planet but higher band FR2 (24-54Ghz) still not operational.

EMF Expert has suffered with all the restrictions and health requirements, and operations were suspended in 2020.

World Pandemic


EMF Expert operations still disrupted due to the Worldwide pandemic.
EMF radiation in urban areas has increased with more elements of the 5G frequency band FR1 (1-6Ghz) operational across the World. In the UK, 5G has expanded operations in major cities, 5G Telecom operators seem to be broadcasting services only under 3.8Ghz.

EMF presents no harm?

Human kind went from living with a background of non-ionizing radiation of less than 0.000001µW/m2 to over 5,000 µW/m2* in less than 100 years. In other words, Human evolution took hundreds of millions of years to develop into what we are today, from the first homo-sapiens that appeared 315,000 million years ago, in an environment mostly quiet and pristine free of non-ionizing radiation, to in less than couple decades to live constantly in an environment with a background radiation 50 thousand* times over its natural levels. What possibly can go wrong?

We know this amount of radiation exposure in such a short period of time will have major repercussions in our brain and body function, yet it will maybe take couple of generations for humanity to realize the changes, we do not know what implication it will have in a long run, the fact is the experiment is ongoing and it will be irreversible. Today all we can do is to mitigate the excess of it.

*Average exposure at any giving time when walking in a sidewalk of any major city in the West in 2020. Not including having any wireless gadget or smartphone device or being around any telecom tower vicinity. In fact we know that in many home environments today the EMF levels can exceed 10 MILLION times over the today’s safe level of 0.1µW/m2 (BBI guidelines level) which is by itself 10 million times higher than the ancient background levels or non-ionizing radiation.

5G Infrastructure being erected


EMF radiation is expected to reach higher levels with more 5G gear being installed and put up into operation in major cities across the planet.

EMF Expert international online shop is launched, expected to be live in Q222!

EMF Expert expands its operations with the launch of its international online shop to serve the World with its EMF shielding products. The line of products will include EMF clothing, curtains, sleeping nets and tents, EMF floor shielding panels, wifi/hub EMF casing, and many other products. All tested and proved to function according with scientific methods and following the Faraday principals. The EMFE shop will ship Worldwide.

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