EMF radiation has been proved to be harmful to all life, to which extent depends on several aspects*, we have fantastic technologies that are improving our lives in ways we never thought possible before, however, technology has to be safe with no health risks to its users! The problem with the latest (40 years) radio frequency emitting radiation and other high frequency wireless technologies, is that these technologies are emitting electromagnetic radiation that is harming us! And the sandwich of layers and layers of different frequencies and EMF sources is accumulating in our urban environment and making us sick, children in particular are especially vulnerable to EMFs.

We love technology, But it has to be safe!

Is smarter, wireless and faster more important than our health?

We need to reassess the health impacts of our smart technology, the telecommunication industry so far have not done any consistent studies to safe guard the public, for example there is no official research on the possible 5G EMF health hazards to the public, as the telecommunication’s industry leaders have stated themselves in front of the US congress in a hearing on 06 February 2019, even so the industry is already in the process to implementing the technology.

The published studies funded by the telecommunications industry have been proved to be very biased, and is directly contradictory to the scientific studies done by independent organizations and real scientists.

Our tech addictions are making us sick, we can’t stress this enough. The worse is that we are hurting also the others around us. The industry said RF radiation is not harmful, but they clearly state that is not harmful in small dozes for very small periods of time, however the truth is that we are being exposed to astronomical multilayers of EMFs during long periods of time, this is unprecedented in human experience, humans were never developed to live in such a radiation toxic environment.

There are thousands of scientific studies into EMF done by independent scientists, that are showing health risks and links between EMFs and several illnesses.

EMF is affecting our bodies and mind, here are some well researched areas with stronger scientific studies showing harmful EMF correlation**:

Abnormal mental functions





Behavioral problems

Brain cancer

Breast cancer

DNA damage

DNA mutation

Erectile dysfunction


Insomnia, sleep problems


Liver damage

Pregnancy hazard

Sperm defects

Testes deformation


and many other illnesses shown to be correlated with EMFs**.

*We have developed a benchmark to measure EMF risk, we call it EMF RISK FACTOR, if you want to know your EMF risk factor please visit our EMFRF page here.

**For more details about each individual area and the scientific study related to EMF possible harm, please visit our page EMF reference websites, which have a collection of research websites where an enormous amount of published studies on each specific areas here shown can be found.