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5G and Coronavirus

First of all our deep respects to all victims and their families of the COVIT-19 pandemic, this is a unique dramatic event in modern history which will have profound implications in all aspects of life.

Life after Coronavirus will be different, we are especially concerned about the implications in the broad economy when the health situation is normalized. There are a lot more unknowns and more debt in the financial system than ever before and existing problems are exponentially getting bigger.

This pandemic is a mass disruption to all economic activity in ways never experienced before in modern times, disruptions have been in all nations and all sectors including the telecommunication and its 5G expansion. A lot of 5G applications and technologies set to be implemented using higher and faster signals may be delayed indefinitely or even cancelled, somehow a slowdown in the 5G expansion is not a bad thing in our opinion, never the less we stress that 5G technologies shouldn’t be rolled out before its safety to the public is being tested and proved, and we know that that hasn’t been done yet. We already know about serious concerns over the EMF signals from the existing 3G and 4G infrastructure in use currently, and despite that 5G EMF layers are being added without any concerns over the public’s health.

We would like to add our opinion over the conspiracies that are going around over the connection of 5G and the Coronavirus, which suggest that somehow 5G is the cause or directly correlated with the Coronavirus pandemic spread and related deaths. We would like to stress that these ideas are completely unfounded and irresponsible, at least misleading! These conspiracies are totally bogus and based on hot air! There are NO studies anywhere that correlate the pandemic and 5G signals. To begin with 5G is being implemented initially only in few wealthier Countries across the World, most Countries are not ready to implement 5G, and in Countries where 5G is being implemented like the UK, the infrastructure and its applications are still very limited. In fact not even the recipients equipment are ready for 5G, in other words there is almost no equipment capable to use the 5G signals yet. There is a lot of advertisement and promotion over the 5G, however, only major cities have some of the 5G layers, but even there the signals being broadcast are in the lower 5G bands, around 3.6 Ghz.

We would like to stress that conspiracies suggesting the relation between 5G and the Coronavirus pandemic are completely unfounded and irresponsible, at least misleading! These conspiracies are totally bogus and based on hot air

To recap:

  • There is no scientific study anywhere in the World that we are familiar with relating a possible link between 5G and the Coronavirus health effects and deaths.
  • Any conspiracies that claim the correlation of 5G and deaths due to the pandemic are bogus and irresponsible.
  • 5G is being implemented yet only in couple of nations around the World, different than the coronavirus that is a pandemic affecting all nations and anyone can be contaminated. Countries that have some 5G in operation such as the UK have only a limited signal layer implemented, mostly in the low 5G frequency band, which couldn’t be in any way more harmful than the current 3G and 4G EMF emitted.
  • There are some speculations based in studies done with 4G health effects over the possible impact of the 5G super-high signals in human health when they are truly being broadcast in public areas, and none of them suggested that lungs would be affected more than other parts of the body such as pineal glands, reproductive or eye health. Meaning that the specific coronavirus main health impact target area in the lungs cannot be possibly due to anything else than the COVID-19 virus itself.

5G is already being broadcast in major British cities

As far as we know 3.8Ghz is the highest 5G frequency being used at the moment in the UK for domestic end users telecommunications. However it is possible that much higher frequencies are being tested or used for businesses and Government applications, but we would consider the use of these sporadic and non threatening at this stage.

Notice that the 5G higher frequency band FR2 can go as high as 54Ghz.

5G is here, like it or not!

The telecom industry has been preparing its 5G infrastructure and services for years, the implementation of it today is just the first step of the launching process. Although the 5G services higher frequency band can be anything between 6 Ghz and 300 Ghz, in this initial phase of the 5G implementation here in the UK, frequencies of services broadcast will be between 3.4-3.8 Ghz. However the real 5G high capacity communications will be served in much higher frequency that is supposed to be slowly implemented in the coming years.

We have serious concerns about the 5G higher frequency services and its health implications. Frequencies above 2.4 Ghz have not being tested for health side effects and it is clear that we will all be exposed to 5G without any idea of its consequences, like it or not. There are countless studies showing health damage from EMF frequencies much lower than what 5G will broadcast, so the implementation of the 5G high intense multilayer signals will only add more risk to us all.

What are the benefits of 5G?

Difficult to say at this stage, the promises are enormous, but do we really need it? The 5G pilot experiments like in Quayside smart-city in Canada have showed that 5G has a lot more to do with surveillance and advertisement, where your device (you) can be tracked and your information can be shared for all sort of purposes including tailored advertisement designed for your benefit of course… Nevertheless citizens will be scored and tagged and we can only imagine how it will all look in a decade or so, China has showed us how it maybe work in a near future.

We are very concerned about the health implications that 5g presents, there are too many unknowns, and the multilayer compounds affects are impossible to predict, we will be all Guinea-pigs on this mass experiment.